HIV Patients Can Enhance Brain Function Through Medical Marijuana in Fresno CA

Medical marijuana in Fresno CA has induced a series of positive changes. It is increasingly being used to manage a lot of health conditions. Well, recent researches show that it can actually do wonders in enhancing brain function in HIV patients. That’s great news owing to the complexity of the disease.

Most Antiretroviral Drugs are Harmful

HIV patients struggle to lead a normal life. There is always a lingering danger to life and life can be pretty stressful. Thankfully, the availability of antiretroviral drugs has made life easier. These medications are very effective in reducing the virus to nearly undetectable levels. Now, HIV patients can lead a normal life but these drugs also come with numerous side-effects that you cannot ignore. 

Over time, these drugs can induce harmful effects on the brain. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, nerve damage, and heart disease are some of the common risks involved with taking these drugs. So, we need something that’s absolutely natural in its approach. That is where cannabis steps in. It presents a solution that is natural and effective. 

Cannabis and HIV

Cannabis and Hiv

Cannabis is very effective in reducing neuropathic pain, inflammation and the progression of the virus in the body. A study showed that it slowed down the progression of HIV like viruses in monkeys. Also, there is one more benefit that many people are not talking about. It’s the ability of cannabis to enhance cognitive function in HIV patients. 

Ohio State University conducted a study back in 2004. It analyzed the effect of cannabis on cognitive function in HIV patients. The results varied depending on the dose you take. Well, it was mostly on the positive side. 

30-50 percent of HIV patients have cognitive impairment. HAND or HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder is pretty prevalent in HIV patients. It’s pretty similar to Alzheimer’s and can cause dementia too. People living with HIV induced disorder can have adverse effects on body movement and behavior. 

Well, all this can be reduced with the help of cannabis. A recent study showed that cannabis can actually reduce the number of activated monocytes. These are white blood cells that are responsible for the inflammation in the brain. This can be very effective in managing dementia in the long run. 

Norbert Kaminski leads a team of researchers at Michigan State University to study the effect of cannabis on reducing HIV induced cognitive impairment and inflammation. Cannabis can actually increase the mental strength in people with HIV. 

Hundreds of HIV patients were studied for the mechanism of activated monocytes. The experts formed two groups. One who used cannabis and the others who did not. It was observed that the group that took cannabis had a marked lower circulating activated monocytes than the group that did not ingest cannabis. The researchers also concluded that cannabinoids play a major role in influencing this change. 

How is Cannabis Better than Mainstream Medications?

Most medications used for HIV have limited reachability when it comes to the brain. The drugs cannot affect every part of the brain that HIV affects. This is where cannabis steps in. The herb can reach where other drugs cannot. Interestingly, cannabis can penetrate the brain-blood barrier. This is something that is impossible for most drugs. Cannabis can easily dissolve in lipids and this makes it highly effective in targeting areas of the brain that other medicines cannot. All this makes it very useful in managing brain function and other issues of the central nervous system. 

Renewal can Make it Easy for You

Cannabis is increasingly getting popular to manage a lot of health conditions. If you have an MMJ card, things get a lot easier for you. It allows you to access cannabis from the dispensary. Now, what if your card expires? Thankfully, you can get your card renewed. The telemedicine process has made it entirely easy. You just need to contact a certified doctor who evaluates to check if you need cannabis beyond 1 year to manage your condition. If he approves it, you get your cannabis card renewal with ease.


So, HIV patients can use medical marijuana in Fresno CA to induce some relaxation in their lives. This is great owing to the complexity of the disease. Just take the expert’s recommendation to use the herb effectively.