Buying Medical Marijuana Strains

Looking forward to buying medical marijuana after your 420 evaluations in Fresno? Hold on!! Spare yourself from smoking laced medical marijuana strains. Wait! What is that supposed to mean? 

There are certain negative associations who are selling medical cannabis with harmful chemicals, or substances such as fentanyl, oxycodone, butane, heroin, LSD, PSP, ketamine, cocaine, lead, glass, heavy metals. Mind you, all these substances have serious health implications that might result in fatal conditions as well. 

It becomes a serious issue when states are legalizing medical cannabis as a part of alternative medical care. If patients start using such strains, their symptoms will start affecting their lives. And that too in addition to the symptoms associated with consuming laced medical marijuana strains. 

But, when it is so much harmful,

Why Are Dispensaries Selling Laced Medical Marijuana Strains?

For starters, they are greedy and wish to gain more profits with low-quality cannabis. Secondly, they wish to save in some amount for producing the next lot. Thus, helping them to earn more dollars for less amount of sold strains. Further, they want people to get addicted to their products. In short, to increase their sales, they are using illegal means to attract customers. 

This is definitely a heinous act of making people suffer on the cost of getting more profits. So, you must be smart enough to identify such laced cannabis strains to ensure health.

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How to Identify Laced Medical Cannabis?

Identify Laced Medical Cannabis

A lot of means and methods can alter a good quality medical strain. One can mix prerolled joints with substances like synthetic marijuana or simply crack cocaine. Therefore, it becomes important to buy your cannabis from a reputable source only. 

Look for the following indications and stop yourself from buying unhealthy and laced medical marijuana strains. 

  • Powdery Texture

Medical cannabis trichomes are small with visible milky white or amber crystals. So, either via rolling or squeezing, you can find whether or not your cannabis strain is laced with any type of chemical. 

  • Altered Scent

It’s good to avoid cannabis whenever the aroma is not right. So, whenever you feel damp, musty cannabis, understand that cannabis is definitely moldy. Definitely, a big “no”.

  • Unpleasant Taste

If you feel burning pain after smoking cannabis. It is a sign that you are consuming laced medical marijuana strains. Also, cannabis sparking during smoking is also a sign that your strain might be contaminated. 

  • Signs and Symptoms

Different chemicals when added to medical marijuana show different symptoms. If you are using strain laced with harmful chemicals, you will not get high at all. But, you might experience symptoms like vomiting & nausea or difficulty in breathing or dizziness. 

Or you may have an upset stomach or experience an unexpected change in your heart-beat. Some also notice a sudden change in your blood pressure. While others might start having hallucinations, delusions, blurred vision, etc..

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Why is Laced Marijuana Harmful?

Consuming adulterated marijuana could be fatal. Also, laced strains are injurious to the brain, lungs, and heart.

How to Avoid Buying Laced Cannabis?

  • Always buy strains from a reputed dealer who sells lab-tested cannabis products.
  • Never buy ground weed.
  • Always inspect cannabis strains or buds physically before buying it.
  • Never buy from a vendor who does not allow you to inspect it.
  • Don’t purchase cannabis that smells different.
  • Never buy marijuana that looks glossy or shines.
  • Don’t go for marijuana that appears to have some matter of a different color.

In short, you should always go for good quality medical marijuana products. Especially, if you are taking medical marijuana as a medication. Otherwise, your health will start deteriorating more instead of benefiting you. Precisely, why experts say “ Eat healthily, stay healthy.”