Medical Marijuana Business Is Booming

When they were calling medical marijuana the green gold, they were all correct 100%. 

The new craze  behind this millions of years old boon is that the US is accepting its benefits, finally. 

As many as 33 states from America are now green states, where it is not a crime to buy and consume at least, medical marijuana. 

Did you know that, as per CNBC, medical cannabis was a $10.4 billion worth industry.

Okay so we gathered the data about, which state is making millions for medical marijuana businessmen and here it is:


Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. 

Yes, the wide lands are running the business smoother than ever, and is very productive for the green thing.

The O state is the fastest growing state as far as medical marijuana business is concerned. 

The stats at least agree with it; every day on an average 641 patients sign up for medical marijuana card.

There cannabis patients makes it 4.1% of Oklahoma’s total population. The state growth is fueled, and the entrepreneurs are loving it. 


Second on the list is Florida, which has an average of 609 patients every day. 

Florida’s travel from a state with 57.6% CBD lovers to a staggering 71.3% lovers and now a successful platform for MMJ industry is awe-inspiring.

On January 27th 2014, the state rejected the idea of medical marijuana, but two years after that they legalized it on November 8th 2016. 

Since then, there is no keeping them down. The growth is good but only 1.6 percent of Floridians are taking the help of medical marijuana. 


282 patients per day and a beautiful place to live makes Ohio third on the list. 

The cannabis user and population ratio is even lower than Florida. There is no way they are going to make up for that in the coming two-three years, but who knows. 

Slow dispensaries and a short list of qualifying conditions means patients are not getting medical marijuana cards quickly enough. 


They recently opened up about the medical marijuana market and are distributing growers licenses. 

187 patients on a daily basis are registering themselves as medical marijuana users. 

Then there is Maryland with 125 patients on average who are making growers happy. 

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The slowest growth rate on the record is New Mexico, which has only 28 patients per day average. 

But New Mexico has 3.5% of the population as registered MMJ users.

Folding Note

 Okay, so these are states in the states which are best if you are looking for to start a medical marijuana business.

We can expect the green market to grow even wider and taller in the coming days. 

And as per some market experts it will be the most important thing to happen to America in 2020.

Along with these Fresno as individually is doing so much for the business and medical marijuana Fresno doctors, all around happy.

Now, it is up to you, where do you want to invest.