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When on the one hand, advocates of medical marijuana card Fresno and cannabis lovers are trying to get the government soft on MMJ, some are still making life difficult for them.

In a latest relevance State Bureau of Cannabis Control who was working with local law enforcement claims to have seized around 1,594 pounds of cannabis. 

The estimated value of the recovered drug is said to be somewhere staggering $13.5 million. 

If the law enforcement and the BCC are to be trusted, they serving six search warrants raided unauthorized pot shops. 

And They Have Done in The Past

In the past six months of the year 2019, the bureau has served 19 search warrants till now on unlicensed sellers. 

The concerned authorities are claiming to have confiscated just more than 2500 pounds illicit cannabis. 

In what they call dirty money, the “one time” has recovered cash amount of exact $219,874 from illegitimate pot shops from around the town. 

To tighten the grip

Yes, we are getting there, and the law is loosening out on the usage of medical marijuana. 

Meanwhile, to crib the criminal minds, new Governor of California Gavin Newsom this month has fined $30,000 to unauthorized growers.

The above-written fine also includes unlawful sellers and distributors. 

The executive director of the CCIA (California Industry Association) Lindsay Robinson, believes it is still a very long road.

“Thousands of illegitimate delivery services and retailers are still lurking in the state,” said an estimating Lindsay. 

Last Month

 If we talk about the previous month of July alone, the most significant recovery is from a cultivation operation. 

As per Sheriff Santa Barbara, owners tricked the government into handing over the cultivation permits; it was a plain fraud.

Departments like of Fish and Wildlife also collaborated with the Five-0s to serve as many 15 warrants in June 2019.

Concerned departments claimed that they were able to seize more than 12,000 unlawful marijuana plans.

In the month of June alone, they grasped $425,000 in cash (related to illegal marijuana businesses). During these raids police also gets to put their hands on 801 pounds of processed marijuana.

The Farms Too

Farms are under the scanner by local law authorities too. In the northern areas of the state, the authorities are claiming that they managed to destroy above 42,000 marry plants. 

The cultivation was destroyed on the grounds of illegal cannabis farming, on private and public land. “They are destroying the environment,” some newspapers are quoting authorities saying.  

Sheriff of Mendocino County on Wednesday said that federal, state and local officials last week alone conducted 28 searches on marijuana farms. 

Area if search being Eel River in northern parts of the county.


As per speculation on the streets and some medical marijuana Fresno doctors, cops and other concerned authorities shall be raiding the farms all year long. 

Official as per the rumours is claiming that illegal farms are polluting the waters of the state with generator fuel, pesticides, damming watersheds and trash.