The Role of Medical Marijuana in Treating Several Pains

While medical marijuana treats many conditions, pain management is one of the most popular uses among people.  Cannabis is very effective in treating and controlling different kinds of pain. And with 420 evaluations for medical marijuana Fresno, now people are able to acquire medical cannabis at ease to soothe their pain. This post outlines the severe pains that people deal with and the role of MMJ in curing them.

Different Kinds of Pain People Deal With

Any pain condition can interrupt the ability to live a happy life and manage your thoughts. The worst part is – a person in pain keeps on thinking about the pain all the time, which stops him or her from doing anything else in life. There are various types of pain people deal with, namely acute, chronic, nociceptive, or neuropathic pain. Below we have explained each of these.

1. Acute pain

When suffering from acute pain, a patient experiences a gradually dissipating pain for about six or more months. This pain type may occur after an injury or tissue damage. Broken bones, scrapes, and cuts are common reasons why acute pain occurs. 

2. Chronic pain

Chronic pain

Sometimes, the pain can last for a long time without any apparent cause like broken bones or cuts. Such pains are termed chronic pain. Explaining this type is pretty complicated.  All we can say is – they stay present in the life of a patient and impact their lifestyle significantly. Some of the chronic pain types include pain in the lower back and fibromyalgia. Medical Marijuana Fresno is considered the best treatment for such pains so far. 

Other Common Pains

Nociceptive pain

In terms of the biological mechanism of a person, pain is divided into the following categories:  

1. Nociceptive pain

Whenever nociceptors, a type of sensory neurons, respond to extreme stimuli such as burning or cutting, this pain occurs. Nociceptors are everywhere in your body. So, this pain can take the form of acute as well as chronic. 

2. Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain occurs when your nervous system experiences a dysfunction. Damaged sensory pathways and neurons start sending pain signals suddenly for no reason. This is why this type of biological mechanism usually causes chronic pain. It is also related to many long-term medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, HIV, and diabetes.

How Medical Cannabis Helps With Different Kinds of Pain

The network of endocannabinoid receptors is found all across the human body as like the nociceptors. These endocannabinoid receptors respond to all different cannabinoids found in cannabis, including CBD and THC. So, when cannabinoids integrate with these receptors, they help to alternate the mental and physical functions. This also includes the process of reducing pain. 

If you want to use medical cannabis Fresno for pain management, it is necessary to understand the pain type to choose the right cannabis medication. For instance, physical pain conditions require a strain with high CBD concentration. On the other hand, high THC concentration offers better results for people who suffer from chronic pain combined with anxiety or depression. At the same time, you need to select the right consumption methods. While smoking a bud provides relief from acute pain, you are better off with edibles to manage neuropathic or chronic pain. 

Talk to your medical marijuana Fresno doctor about the use of the right cannabis medication for your specific pain condition.