Inhale or Ingest- What Will You Prefer With a Cannabis Card Renewal?

Candies, pizza, hummus, bacon, and an endless list of cannabis-infused products. Who does not love such delicacies in the form of medication? Me, I would love to eat mouth-watering dishes than those so-called bland chemical formula. I am sure you would also find edibles one of the best ways to consume medical marijuana with a cannabis card renewal. 

In the midst of all the speculations, what’s better and what’s not; people confuse a lot between smoking and edibles based on a number of factors. Some are more biased towards smoking weed. For others, edibles seem to be a more enjoyable experience. But, what should you choose? 

Edibles or Smoking Weed- What Is Better For You?

Edibles or Smoking Weed- What is Better For You?

To help you choose your favorite consumption method, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

It Takes More Time to Absorb Edibles

Yes, you will find edibles as one of the most reliable and trustworthy options. But, unlike the most preferred consumption methods i.e., smoking; edibles have a different route of metabolism. For instance, the liver metabolizes edibles. And, in this way, the body gets a usable form of THC. Research confirms that this metabolized form is at least four to five times more potent than any other form available. 

This different route inside the body, makes the processing time much more than any other product available. Just a simple tip before going for cannabis edibles, make sure to hear the product to increase its bioavailability. 

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The Difference Between Onset and Duration 

Smoking marijuana hits you almost within seconds. Although, it does depend on the type of strain and your metabolism depending on whether you are new to cannabis or a habitual weed smoker. So, if you are looking for immediate relief or energy, cannabis smoking is the best way. But, the issue with smoking is, its effects disappear within one or two hours. 

On the contrary, edibles take more time to kick-in as the processing of cannabis edibles takes more time (i.e. 30 mins. to approx. 2 hrs.). But, unlike smoking, the effects of this form stay for many hours. So, you can get extended therapeutic relief for alleviating your medical condition if you go for a cannabis card renewal.

The Difference Between Their Amount of Dosage

You can’t control any dosage with smoking. You simply prepare a joint and smoke if off. That’s how it is. You can just control the number of times that you will be smoking. With edibles, 10 mg is usually the unit serving size. So, you can stop after one or two rounds depending on your metabolic rates. 

Although, with any form of consumption, it is advisable to go slow and low with smoking or ingesting cannabis products. By this method, you will be able to understand your tolerance limits pretty easily and start your dosing regimen accordingly. 

The Difference in Their Side-Effects 

Smoking cannabis is more like a risky business because of a lot of taboos associated with it. As is a risk factor for a number of health conditions because of its toxicity or respiratory-like health conditions. Plus, it poses a threat to second-hand smoking issues as well. One cannot see any such health effects if they are using edibles. 

It is usually advisable to avoid smoking if you have any respiratory or breathing conditions. Plus, there are many harmful or adverse effects associated with smoking as well. 

The first part of the article simply portrays that smoking comes with a lot of adverse effects. In addition to that, smoking has fleeting therapeutic effects. On the contrary, cannabis edibles work better if you are looking for long-lasting therapeutic pain relief, muscle spasms, or other similar conditions. 

Is Consuming Edible as Easy as it Sounds?

Is Consuming Edible as Easy as it Sounds

However, there is more to consuming edibles that just thinking about its potency or dosage. So, before starting with any cannabis edibles, one needs to have a fair idea about their principal consumption key elements. So, you can benefit a lot from a cannabis card renewal. 

Decoding Edible Labels Can be Tricky

Cannabis-infused eating products usually label THC/CBD contents in milligrams. Usually, one recommends starting with a 5mg dosage. But, the content usually comes in 10 mg serving sizes. So, make sure to check the dose of the cannabinoids present in your package. Microdosing will be in your favor when it comes to edibles. 

As a lot of edibles might cause some unpleasant high for extended periods. If you wish to avoid that, make sure to read the contents of your edibles and decide accordingly. You can also consult a specialist providing a medical marijuana card Fresno Ca

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You Need to Know Your Tolerance Limits 

Every person has different metabolic rates. No one can react in the same way even with the same strain. So, presuming that you will have similar effects with cannabis edibles will be very foolish. You need to start slow and low to understand what will be beneficial. Otherwise, your body will behave badly in the presence of higher doses of cannabis edibles. Hence, you might experience dizziness or other related side effects. 

You Need to Have Patience

Edibles take a lot of time to show its therapeutic or other effects. Don’t try to over-consume yourself just because the effects are not kicking in. It might be slow at the start. But, will remain in your body for a longer period. 

You must understand that cannabis edibles take time to kick in. Don’t try to eat everything thinking that nothing is happening. Learn from your prior mistakes and experiences and decide on your dose accordingly to get the desired effects. 

You Have to be Wary About The Foods Before Consuming Marijuana

Edibles might kick in faster if you eat them an empty stomach. So, even the half amount of cannabis edible might give you the desired effects. Don’t take in more in such situations. Also, make sure to avoid alcohol while consuming cannabis edibles as it increases the bioavailability of THC inside the body. 


Cannabis edibles are best in terms of extended therapeutic efficacy. But, a lot goes into finding the right dose with them. Plus, you need to take a lot of precautionary measures. 

With smoking, things are pretty much simple. But, if you wish to choose whether edibles or smoking weed is better; you should always consult a doctor providing cannabis card renewal or medical marijuana card Fresno Ca for more key elements.